Save time
when organising

Lektory is a system for organizing and selling courses, workshops, festivals, conferences and other online or on-site events. It handles the administration so you can focus more on what you really enjoy.

Non-binding 30 min. online.


Who is the Lektory for?

A system tailored to the needs of teams of teachers and organizers

One-off workshops, seminars and webinars

for individuals, groups or companies.

On-demand services

Tailor-made courses and events • programmes for pupils/schools

Organisation of long-term courses

for children and adults.

Organisation of dance festivals

Conferences and congresses

Lektory will enhance your web site with:

A user-friendly reservation system for your customers
for various types of events, one-off and long-term courses, workshops, festivals or conferences. For individuals, groups, adults and children.
Shopping cart
so your customers don't lose track of their purchases at your event.
Online payments
by traditional bank transfer or credit card. The Lektory then confirms receipt of payment, issues receipts, monitors the due date of orders or reminds customers of late payments.

Features that save you time and support sales

of your courses, workshops, conferences, festivals and other on-site or online events.

Publication and planning

Simply set up your one-off or multi-day events, courses, workshops, products or services.

Reservations and orders

Schedule your reservation opening time, the system then collects and confirms reservations for you, checks capacity, payments, reminds clients of late payments and more...

Smart Forms

Smart forms that don't ask clients again what they already know. You are in full control of collecting the information you need.

Discounts and promo codes

With the help of a wide range of discounts and promo codes, you can motivate customers to make further purchases and thus boost sales.

Data reporting

You have an overview of payments received, number of reservations, orders and their status.

Automated invoicing

Configurable issuance of invoices and tax documents. Due date monitoring and reminders.

Team & roles

Lektory is an information system for your entire team.

Online payments

Payments by credit card, QR, bank transfer.

Attendance lists and attendance

By tracking attendance, you can prevent your customers from dropping out for long-term courses.

Labour and payroll statements

At the end of the month, the system prepares the documents for the payment of lecturers' salaries, including travel allowances, etc.

Customer history

Customer history of purchases, payments, orders, and past communications allow you to quickly address client questions and build great customer support.

Customer consents

One place with an overview of your clients' consents granted and withdrawn for the processing of their data.

Communication with clients

Send a message to selected clients with a few clicks.

Inquiries and Tailored Service Offers

With Lektory, you can easily tailor-make a service offer for your clients. Clients can order, pay and receive a receipt in a few clicks.

Automatic issuance of certificates

upon course completion based on attendance.

Rental of free space

Do you have a vacant space?
Rent them out to your clients.

...and other tools that will save you and your team the day-to-day work.

How much does it cost?

Pricing model

The price is set as a 2,5% fee fee on the final price of processed orders.

Fees are always billed at the end of the month. The service can also be paid for as an annual subscription. We do not charge for receiving registrations for your free courses.


Pricing model

Paid monthly or by annual subscription.


of payments received

Individual pricing

Contect us

Number of events


Number of team members


Number of customers


Customisation of the system

Development and regular updates

Booking for all types of events (integrated into your website or via microsite)

Booking for long-term and multiday courses, seminars

Booking for one-off courses, workshops, seminars, webinars

Booking for conferences or congresses

Booking for festivals

Booking of "on request" services

Packages - possibility to define packages from multiple different shop items

Shop items capacity sharing

Extra items - the ability to define extra items to purchase such as choice of several meals, choice of accommodation, choice of accessories, etc.

Smart sales forms

Form editor

Mandatory and optional form items

Data types Date of birth, Phone number, Email, GDPR Consent, ...

Booking for individuals

Ticket sales

Booking for groups of individuals

Bookings for couples or couples and individuals

Bookings when parent registers children

Bookings when an adult registers a group

Inquiries for bespoke services

Offer of additional products and services (merchandise, accommodation, ...)

Possibility to pay on invoice

Smart collection of customer data that does not force customers to re-fill previously provided information (which has not yet expired)

Online sales

Online card payments using Stripe

QR payments, payments by bank transfer

"One-time purchase" process, optimised for one-off sales of items (e.g. one-off seminar or webinar)

"Add to cart" shopping process, optimized for purchasing multiple different items (e.g. festival tickets + accommodation + food + workshops)

Payment management

Payment overview

Refund of payments to customer credit

Cancellation fees

Automatic matching of incoming payments with orders and invoices

Manual matching of the received payment (on account or in cash) with the order

On-site payments


Cash desk - receiving client payments in cash

Booking with on-site payment type

Possibility to connect a payment terminal

CRM features


Booking and order history of your customers

History of attendance of participants

Sending custom one-time bulk emails to participants

Overview of customer data

Integration with your CRM system

GDPR consent collection and management

Summary of consents granted and their validity

Managing consent status

Custom consent types

Smart consents that don't ask customers again for active consent

Dashboard with reports

Managing locations and venues

Customer section

History of bookings, orders and invoices issued

Integration of the sales form into your website

Adaptation of the visual appearance of the sales form to your website

Multiple currencies

Automated invoicing

Automatic invoicing on payment to the company

Option to set up an invoice upon receipt of payment

Option to automatically issue proforma invoices (payment requests) first

Billing profile of the organisation

Option to preset the description of sold items on the invoice using variables

Web invoices with PDF download

Integration with your billing and accounting tools

Teachers' work reports

Teacher rates adjustable at organisation, course and individual class level

Planning the teachers staffing for the classes

Class calendar for teachers with the possibility of reporting work done and other expenses

Data export for teacher salary and invoice payments

Monthly reports on teaching costs

Attendance tracking

Attendance lists on mobile phone for teachers and coordinators

Attendance list printing

Tracking attendance of participants

Course excuses

Record of course attendance in a few clicks

Substitution of excused classes

Discounts and promo codes

Discounts selectable by the customer at the time of booking (student, age, ...), for which the customer proves entitlement on the site

Group discount

Discount when registering as a couple

Sibling discount for registrations where parent registers children

Discount based on previous purchase

Discount for the first N registrants to help you motivate your audience to buy just after the registration opens

Quantity discounts

Promo Codes

Vouchers and gift vouchers

Discount templates allowing to activate preset discounts for selected items

Team roles and access management

Management of teachers and their medallions including photos

Roles: administrator, coordinator, teacher

“Next best offer” - doporučení nejlepší další položky k nákupu usnadňující zákazníkovi orientaci v široké nabídce

Custom branding

Different branding profiles for different events

Custom branding for emailing

Custom branding in the customers section


Export of issued invoices

Export of teachers' work reports

Export of completed lessons

Export of student attendance

Reservation management

Automation of notifications and reminders

Configurable email confirmation of purchase to customer

Automatic reminders to customers who have not yet completed their purchase

Automatic reminders to clients who have not yet paid

Automatic or manual cancellation of reservations for clients who have not completed their purchase and release of space for those on the waiting list

Configurable validity of an incomplete reservation

Configurable due date of orders

Approval of submitted reservations

Automatic approval of applicants based on available capacity

Manual approval of applicants by the administrator

Automatic role balancing (e.g. male/female) for pair or individual registrations

Waiting lists

Acceptance of reservations on the waiting list when capacity is exceeded

Automatic approval of the first reservation on the waiting list when a spot becomes available

Overview of reservations on the waiting list



Continuous email and chat support

Telephone support

Looking for a specific feature and can't find it here? Email us at

Why Lektory?

Round-the-clock support

We are ready to advise you when you need it.

Data migration

Need to transfer data from your excel or other tools? Our team will be happy to help you.

No hidden fees

A simple pricing model affordable for small and flexible for bigger organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find the answer to your question? Contact us at or make an appointment.

Do I need my own website to sell courses?

No. You don't need to invest time and money in your own website to sell courses and similar events. will create a simple sales microsite for you. You just need to choose from pre-designed templates of purchasing processes, then set the description of the event, the price and the bank account number where your will receive payments from your customers.

How challenging is it to integrate Lektory into our existing website?

Basic integration is easy and consists of inserting two lines of our code into your website. It can be handled by a knowledgeable webmaster. We can help with integration if needed. The specific modification of the design of our widgets can take several hours for an experienced web coder.

What do I need to sell my courses using Lektory?

You need a bank account to receive payments from clients and your legal entity ID number.

Is it possible to accept payments in different currencies?

Ano, podporujeme příjem plateb v různých měnách.

Will I receive money from customers directly into my account or through you?

Your customers' payments go directly to your bank account. An alternative option is to use one of the payment gateways.